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Book of Romans

thomas-schreiner-biblical-trainingRomans, Part 1: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 44 min

Description: Paul is critical of people who judge others and then practice the same things they judge. Obedience to the law is evidence of their salvation because of the change the Spirit has caused in their life, not something they do to merit it. The root of our sin is that we don’t fear God. The Old Testament scriptures point to the gospel message which is that we become right with God by faith in Jesus Christ. Abraham was saved because of his faith in God, just like we are.


Romans, Part 2: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 43 min

Description: Romans 4 tells us what kind of faith Abraham had that was saving faith. You are not saved by working for God, but by believing in God. Hope is confident, sure expectation. Paul’s main rhetorical question is, “Can the law transform us?” His implied answer is “no!”


Romans, Part 3: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 44 min

Description: The law doesn’t give life because commands don’t transform us. Romans 8 says we need the Spirit to transform us. The witness of the Spirit that we are his children is a mystical sense and evidence of our obedience. Paul says all the promises for relationship to God are for the gentiles as well as the Jews. God is in charge of everything.

Genre: Course Lecture
Series: BiblicalTraining, New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation | Subjects: Book of Romans

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