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FREE: Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit in the Same Pew? eBook



This book is meant to help Christians “develop practical biblical convictions about critical social and political issues.” It’s recommend by J. I. Packer and Tim Keller.

This FREE offer is only available through tomorrow, 11/4.

Can Christians Be Political Activists without Hating Each Other?

As the next presidential election comes into view, Americans are deciding where to stand on key issues. The church has often been as politically divided as the culture, but Charles Drew offers an alternative for people who care deeply about their faith, about Christian harmony, and about the church’s calling in the world. In this updated and revised version of A Public Faith(NavPress 2000), Drew helps Christians develop practical biblical convictions about critical social and political issues.

Distinguishing between moral principle and political strategy, Body Broken equips believers to maintain the unity of the church while building their political activism upon a thoughtful and biblical foundation. Drew helps Christians of all political persuasions understand how to practice servanthood, cooperation, and integrity in today’s public square.

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