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Free for the Weekend: Full Assurance: A Series of Messages for Anxious Souls by H. A. Ironside WORDsearch eBook

Download it today and share with any who use WORDsearch for their Bible study.

This FREE offer is only available this weekend, 10/24-10/26.

Dr. Harry A. Ironside’s goal in writing Full Assurance was to make as plain as possibly just how any troubled soul may find settled peace with God. He was thinking particularly of those people who believe the Holy Scriptures to be divinely inspired, and who recognize that salvation is only to be found in Christ, but someway have missed the “peace of a perfect trust,” and though earnestly desiring to know the Lord, are floundering in perplexity of mind, like Bunyan’s Pilgrim, in the Slough of Despond, or like the same anxious inquirer in his earlier experience, trembling beneath the frowning cliffs of Sinai.

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