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FREE: How the Bible Came To Be eBook


Ever wondered how the Bible came to be? Or how the books of the New Testament “got into” the NT? This succinct ebook (68 pages) provides some answers, for FREE. Give it a look.

This FREE offer is only available for a limited-time (perhaps today only?).

Uncover the True Story of the Greatest Story Ever Told

Christians believe that the Bible is divine communication–God’s message to human beings. But how did ancient people capture the very words of God? How were these words passed down? Why were some books included in the Bible while others were not? And how do we know that these texts have been faithfully translated over the ages?

Discover the answers to these questions and more inHow the Bible Came to Be. In this succinct ebook you’ll find up-to-date biblical scholarship from leading evangelical scholars, covering the inspiration, canonization, translation, and transmission of both the Old and the New Testament. From the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint to the first English translations and the most recent translations, How the Bible Came to Be immerses you in the fascinating story of the most important book of all time.

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