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FREE: Sermons on Several Occasions by John Wesley Logos eBook



For a limited-time only, Logos Bible Software over on Facebook is giving away a digital copy of John Wesley’s Sermons on Several Occasions. It consists of 141 sermons by Wesley which can be read in order, or each will show up in the Passage Guide feature in Logos 6 under the “Sermons” tab according to the main Bible verse(s) of the sermon. To learn more about the exciting features of Logos Bible Software go here and here

When checking out at, make sure you use coupon code WESLEYFB.

Please Note: We do not necessarily endorse all of the content in these sermons, but as always we encourage our readers to use biblical discernment as they utilize the resources we share.

From the preface: “. . . I am not conscious, that there is any one point of doctrine, on which I am accustomed to speak in public, which is not here, incidentally, if not professedly, laid before every Christian reader. Every serious man who peruses these, will therefore see, in the clearest manner, what these doctrines are which I embrace and teach as the essentials of true religion.”

John Wesley (1703-1791) is recognized as the founder of Methodism. An acclaimed preacher, Wesley traveled extensively on horseback and drew large crowds for his outdoor sermons. A contemporary of William Wilberforce, Wesley was a strong voice opposing slavery in England and the United States. His influence upon modern Christianity can be seen by the large number of Methodist organizations in the Wesleyan tradition all over the world.

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