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FREE: The Fragrance of Christmas eBook



This FREE offer is only available through tomorrow, 12/5.

“Once each year, Christmas comes along to renew our hope and to remind us that the darkness of this world cannot over come the light of the Lord.”

The flavors, scents, and sounds of Christmas can melt even the coldest of people. For a few weeks in winter, we can all tuck a sackful of Holiday recollections into our memories. The jingling of bells seems to almost from the word “Christmas,” so that our hearts sing with merriment.

Christmas memories are made special by our associations with friends and family. In the Fragrance of Christmas, authors Dan and Dave Davidson are as excited as kids at Christmas to bring you a delightful book filled with Holiday sayings, recipes, prayers, illustrations, and more. Unwrap this gift for yourself or a friend.

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