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FREE: Why Believe the Bible? by John MacArthur (Print Book)

Grace to You is graciously giving away print copies of John MacArthur’s latest book Why Believe the Bible? If you are not already on GTY’s mailing list, you can add your information and receive this book for FREE in the mail. This offer is only available for those who sign up and whose address is in the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom.

This FREE offer is only available through 12/10.

Isn’t the Bible just another religious book?  It may provide some direction for life, but doesn’t it also contain errors and contradictions?  How can the Bible be trusted if it was written by fallible men?

Just some of the often-cited reasons for not believing the Bible.  But are they legitimate?  How do you put away those doubts?  Can they be resolved?

In his brand-new book Why Believe the Bible? John MacArthur answers those critical questions, showing you why you can trust that the Bible you own really is the Word of God.

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