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Book of Revelation

thomas-schreiner-biblical-trainingRevelation, Part 1: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 44 min

Description: The purpose of Revelation is to encourage suffering saints.


Revelation, Part 2: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 11 min

Description: The audio covers point III. Visions of God, points A and B, beginning with Revelation chapter 4.


Revelation, Part 3: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 43 min

Description: Main ideas in Revelation chapters 6-13.


Revelation, Part 4: Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 30 min

Description: Summary of the last days of judgment and then the creation of the new heavens and new earth.

Genre: Course Lecture
Series: BiblicalTraining, New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation | Subjects: Book of Revelation

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