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Pastoral Epistles

thomas-schreiner-biblical-trainingAuthorship of the Pastoral Epistles (Lecture 1): Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 42 min

Description: Your view of authorship of biblical documents and how you translate those documents depends quite a bit on your presuppositions. Some people think that because of the vocabulary and the way some subjects are addressed in the Pastoral epistles that Paul did not write them. However, others are convinced that Paul wrote them and offer responses to objections that others have raised.


Pastoral Epistles (Lecture 2): Listen

Format: mp3

Length: 43 min

Description: God wants to work in our hearts so we are full of love for him and others. Paul gives his testimony as an example that anyone can be saved. God desires to save all, and he elects some. Elders are described as people of character who lead and teach. In Titus, the ethical exhortations are anchored in the gospel. In 2 Timothy, Paul calls on Timothy to suffer for the gospel.

Genre: Course Lecture
Series: BiblicalTraining, New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation | Subjects: Book of 1 Timothy, Book of 2 Timothy, Book of Titus, Pastoral Epistles

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