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Free for October: Practical Works of Richard Baxter Vol. 14 (Reformed Pastor) Logos eBook



For Pastor Appreciation Month, Logos Bible Software is giving away volume 14 of the famous Puritan preacher Richard Baxter’s works. This volume includes the classic Reformed Pastor written by him, perhaps one of the best books ever written on being a pastor.

This FREE offer is only available through 10/31.

As a lifelong preacher, Baxter wrote extensively on the role of the pastor and on the biblical and historical understanding of the term. Volume Fourteen of The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter contains The Reformed Pastor, one of the most influential writings on the subject in the period following the Reformation.

The Reformed Pastor is crafted as a how-to guide for pastoral leadership, and includes timeless wisdom for pastors, preachers, teachers, and other church leaders. Baxter explores the metaphor of the shepherd and the flock, and the work involved in the care of sheep—young, weak, and in need of guidance. He also writes at length about the activities of pastoral ministry, such as preaching, prayer, praise, providing instruction, and presiding over the sacraments.

The second part of Volume Fourteen contains Baxter’s writings on confirmation—a topic as hotly debated in the years following the Reformation as it is in churches today. He addresses the status of infants in the church, whether they should be baptized, and the role of children in church life with regard to participation in the sacraments and profession of faith. The process of becoming part of a church is not instant, but entails obligations, accountability, and—most importantly—careful discernment of the work of God and the responsibilities of the church.

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